DC working temperature?

I have been monitoring temperature on my DC-board several times pr. day for some days now and it suddenly raised from 26-ish to 42,9°C. No change in room temperature. What kind of temperatures can I expect during normal operations?

Its hard to say what is normal since the enclosure will make a huge difference, but the data sheet for the processor says that the max temp is 85C… after that I would think it will get unstable or be damaged.

This doesn’t mean other components dont have a lower threshold that will cause issues, but the processor is usually the thing that will cause a problem.

Out of curiosity, how are you checking the temp?


Thanks for the info! My DC is not in an enclosure yet.

SSH to the DC

more /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp

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mine looks like this, no enclosure, and about 20°C room temp:


once your temp reading “jumps up” try to measure the SoC with a multimeter temp head so you can double check if there is some SW bug fooling you or the temperature truly jumped up. Just an idea. I having a cheap multimeter with NTC probe, or there are some IR remote sensing probes too not sure if you have some of those. (I guess the ‘thermal_zone0’ shows the core temperature, and we can measure only the package temperature on the SoC so there should be an offset)

Ahh ok just making sure there wasn’t another way i didnt know about…

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