Dear selfies cheaters

Since some of you still think you’re methods of cheating are working, I would like to clarify some things.

There is no anti-cheat protection or cheat-detection on in the selfies app. The reason is that we did not want to make legitimate users jump through the hoop, and we’ll stand by this decision. Therefore, you may get an impression that your cheats are working based on the data that the interface presents regarding the number of ‘successful’ referrals.

All cheaters are disqualified afterwards, though, by combination of log-parsing, analysis of data, and good old-fashioned manual check. The analysis includes such factors as number of consecutive referrals, their timing, IP addresses, patterns in email names, etc. There have even been sophisticated cheats using real email addresses that were obtained in who knows what way, and we were able to account for those as well. Finally, for those entries that have scored their way into the winning bucket, we do a manual background check. If someone really makes it through the net in the end and we don’t catch them, I think they deserve to be on the collage. :smile:

Anyway, I suggest you all stop cheating. It just won’t work for 99% of you. And even if you cheat, please have enough decency to shut up about it and refrain from insulting me or our staff because you didn’t receive a reward.

Suprisingly, though, the winners that really scored high were those that used the power of their social networks to gather referrals. You can certainly share you referral link anywhere you like, so I suggest you do that. Another way to score a clean win is, obviously, have enough friends that care. So I suggest you try that. We only disqualify referrals that were fake and illegal. You can still win if you do things right and score some real referrals and we won’t hold your cheating past against you either.

Thank you.

cheater are crazy or cheatmaniac… are playing a game for fun not for reward???

I used facebook for mine.

I don’t know if this is cheating or not, but I also had a banner that people clicked when they use my websites or proxies.

I normally don’t use ads on my proxies, But since I liked outernet, I had the banner on the bottom of the screen on our Anonymous proxies that people use.

I hope you do not see that as cheating.

I know some people use automated software to do all the work. But I used the social networks and I used my own advertising banners on my sites and proxies.

We already have a few winners that have used social networks, so there is definitely no policy against it.