Did I miss the early bird special?

I’ve been away for a little, I was hoping to get an early bird special email. Did I miss it? What’s everyone’s impressions thus far?

We might have another unit or two left in stock, but this stage is really, really meant for hackers and hams. If that’s what you are expecting, then I’m happy to send you an invoice.

please do!


my email is [email protected].

Thanks again!

Hi Syed I too was waiting for the early bird special . if you have any left send me an invoice ,please.

@Ken I just sent you an invoice for a kit. Sorry about the delay in getting this out to you.

I would be interested in one also if you have any more.

Thanks Mike - N2HYO

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I would be interested in one also if you have any more.
Thanks Fredrikson

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I too have been away and would like to get a unit for testing… and a demo for some students…

73 de ke4tvv

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@Syed Are there some left for these guys? @n2hyo @Fredrikson @Gavin_Groce

There’s only coverage in the US right now. If you are on the edge of the lower 48 (like me in Seattle) the coverage is not perfect. It requires a little work with modifications and patience. The new Skylark 5.1 seems pretty stable. But, we’re still alpha testing and finding a bug here and there.

–Konrad, WA4OSH

I’ll send all of you invoices for the v3.02 kits. We have four left.

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Hi Syed,
When you plan to start Ku-band test broadcast for UE?
Greetings from Szczecin, Poland

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payment is done, glad to be a part… and I would be willing to pay 50 to 100 dollars a year to support this project as posted back in Dec. 2017…

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Possibly in the summer. Sooner if we find more market demand.

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I’d like a 3.02 kit. [email protected]

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Hi Syed,
Welcome in Europe, again.
I wan’t to buy Dreamcatcher v3.03 to start receiving Outernet in Poland, but your shop don’t like my UE address.
Would you solve this?
Andrzej from Szczecin, Poland

@Fredrikson Thanks for your interest. We are not yet allowing sales outside of the US because the channel in Europe is nowhere near as easy to receive as the one in North America. We need to adjust the parameters of the channel–and very likely change the analog frontend on Dreamcatcher–to make it a more seamless experience.

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