Difference between Internet & Outernet?

What is the difference between Internet & Outernet ?
What are the bennefits of this technology and how it differs from Internet.

Outernet is a one-way broadcast, much like TV or Radio. We air content, and you pick it up with a receiver and some specialized software. Outernet is broadcast using satellites, so, at least in theory, it has a unrestricted access. It’s also free for anyone that can build a receiver.

The main benefit is for those that currently dot not have any way of accessing Internet for one reason or the other, or who have no full unrestricted access to content.

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Can I surfing the Internet with internet browser use outernet? like go to youtube or google?

You cannot.

could u explain me more about this how this outernet works and why is it different than the internet

i do understand with outernet u can only download and not upload

so if someone want to stream videos from the internet he not uploading anything to that


You cannot stream any video or audio from Outernet. It is not a streaming platform. When your receiver is active, it will receive a variety of files including community content such as selected Wikipedia pages and text news and educational information from many interesting sources.

Outernet is meant to serve as an open content delivery service for those who do not have access to internet news or educational information, among other things. No streaming of any kind.

You cannot really “download” either. You can “receive”.
It is like listening to the radio: you can enjoy the music, but it has to be the music that the radio station
decides to send, not necessarily the music you desire to hear.
There is a limited way to request some file to be sent. It is like calling the radio station and asking for
a certain song to be played. The request may be honored, but there are requests from others as well
and there may be policy on the kind of music the station plays, so it is not comparable to "downloading"
where you send a request and it is immediately fulfilled.

Furthermore, the capacity of Outernet is way too low to stream videos. There is the possibility of an
occasional short video clip, of a few seconds at low resolution. But no movie watching.