Different types of LNB's

What is the difference between the Maverick and the new LNB? Just curious before I swap mine out.

The new one is dual band, so covers a wider frequency range. But if you are in the US there is no reason to change what you already have. The Maverick will work just fine.

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I didn’t think to ask this, but must satellite connections in the EU use the Dual Band LNB? Ken

Not necessarily. They just need an LNB that covers 11681 MHz. We know that our dual band does cover that frequency and any changes in frequency we might have in the future.

So then, the Maverick will work fine under Astra 3B at this time? (That’s what I have in my portable terminal) Ken

The Maverick should work, but it is possible it will require a bit of manual tuning of the frequency under the Custom tab of Tuner. The Maverick has slightly worse frequency stability compared to the dual band LNB. Even just a couple hundred kHz difference is enough for the receiver lose the carrier.

This is a good reason to use skylark ver 5.6, the tuner screen is better at showing the
freq, difference and post-afc frequency offsets. I find my various lnb usually require
some custom frequency to get optimum decoding (try and get Freq offset to less
then +/- 100000.Screenshot_2019-10-09%20Skylark%205%206

OK - - the new Dreamcatcher is shipped with the Dual Band Othernet LNB, so Astra 3B folks should use it to simplify their setup and retire their Maverick. I’ll put that in the User’s Guide I’ve worked on when you get back to me on its review. Ken

I don’t think anyone in Europe was sent a Maverick. Maybe two people, at most–during initial testing on SES-4.

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Don’t forget to get that review to me. Ken

For many people offering LNBs on the store might be useful, also enclosures and feed cable even if it just sends us off to an outside store.
I think we are hoping to attract less technical users as time goes on so making plug and play experimentation and parts replacement easy.
I know Othernet is only at experimental stage but future consideration to a user friendly way to pay (no venmo or paypal for many reasons). I don’t love BTC for reasons but there has to be a smarter way for someone in the real target audience to do something about as easy as stuffing correct cash in dollar/euro into first class post until these are available in hardware/electronics stores.

Yes, I definitely agree with you about attracting non-technical users. There is a version of that receiver that is in development (though progress is a little slow). It will be a completely integrated device with a focus on the audio stream. There will be no separate LNB, as the antenna and circuit board will be all in one unit.