Dimensioned board drawing?

Syed, any chance you can share a dimensioned board drawing ? I would like to design and print an enclosure for my new Dreamcatcher, would be easier to work from a drawing if you have one you can share.


Yes, I can export something. Is a PDF ok?

Absolutely, I just need the dimensions so I can draw it into CAD.

Can you use .stp file?

I can take a stp file yes, I can dimension from that.

This isn’t a great model, but it might be good enough for an enclosure
Dreamcatcher 2301_VA.step (49.1 MB)

Thank you! Already started drawing up the enclosure!

If you are willing please share what you come up with because I don’t like having a bare board either I’ll have to look in to this.

I don’t love it yet but it’s getting there.

I think it’s done now.

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love to print one for my self nice work there.

I posted the files in the Hardware section.

Thank you!