Dish pointing, how?


If everything is working, where do you point the dish at. Or does it need to move?

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This depends on where you are in the world. In the US, you’ll want to point to Galaxy 19, which is at 97-degrees west, I believe.

We intend to stick to the same satellite as long as possible, but there might be instances that we change birds. In those cases, you’ll need to repoint the dish. Hopefully you have a motor on yours?


Thanks for your reply. I live in the Netherlands.Fortunately my job is installing dishes for tv and internet. So re-aligning is no problem


Europe will use one of the HotBirds at 13.0 E.


I live in egypt, how do i point the dish ?

South Pacific reception

You can use this site to give you the direction of Hotbird from Egypt.°E%20-%20Hot%20Bird%206,%20Hot%20Bird%207A,%20Hot%20Bird%208/


Thank you, this answered my question (I didn’t even have to post it…lol), I used to have my FTA dish aimed that Galaxy 19 a few years ago for FTA channels, I moved since then, but it shouldn’t be a problem hitting that bird. I’m glad you guys are using this sat.

I don't have Raspberry Pi, how received signal without it

Here is a link to a great site for lining up a dish. It works worldwide if needed.