DIY kit only worked for 3 hours

Received the kit and right away it was working great ( SNR @ 5-6).
Then after a few hours signal goes to 0 and negative. I’ve tried rebooting and checked all the connections but doesn’t work anymore. What else should I look for? Thank you.

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Which satellite are you receiving? There is an outage (reduction of signal at least) on Alphasat (25 east).

The I-4 F3 (98W)

At this time 1704 EST, in Annapolis, MD, Lat 39 deg North, I’m getting hi SNR levels and Rssi’s.


Thanks. I’ll try again when I get home in a few hours. It stopped working Saturday evening and I wasn’t able to connect on Monday either.

the Rssi of -108 is impressive, what antenna are you playing with?

It’s the Alpha Lantern PATCH antenna operating under the new Outernet clear cover. Ever since I got the RTL-SDR and Outernet LNA to replace the originally shipped SDR and LNA, my signal levels have been consistently high. As I mentioned in other posts, after I put a slopping protective cover over my Lantern (which sits out in the weather) to prevent water pooling, I have improved my rain performance by 4 dB. Ken

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I love the precision engineering in the clear cover BTW :slight_smile:

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When did you receive your kit and which radio are you using?

I received it on the 20th.

Reflashed CHIP but no difference

Needs to be replaced. Can you contact us through the main website?

Could it be that the LNA is damaged by a static discharge when handling it?
Or is it well protected against that?
I wonder why the LNA is delivered as an open PCB now instead of the shielded design
that it was before.

Don’t forget my recent experience with a cold solder connecting the SMA connector to the SDR chassis on one of the new RTL SDRs. Ken