DIY up and running

I received my DIY kit in the mail and finally got things up and running! Very exciting to see the sat signal lock in and packets start downloading! There’s so much potential with this project when it comes to users who may not have open access to the internet or even radio and television. Can’t wait to see where this project goes.

I did want to share a few user experience oddities for future considerations. I spent a long time trying to power up the device. (I had no idea I needed to press the little power button to power on the CHIP.) It sounds like that’s been addressed in the latest version (Skylark), but I was convinced I had a defective device.

I’ve had a lot of trouble connecting via Wi-Fi. I can always see “Outernet” pop-up as an available option, but I often can’t connect even when just a few feet from the CHIP. But again, sounds like you all are aware of that issue as well.

Thanks for all the effort you all have put into this project. It really is fascinating. The forums are very helpful as well.

Yeah, we are looking at a new wifi module. Glad to see you are happy with the kit!