Does the Dreamcatcher 3.03 still work with the sats?

Hi, I had to take down my system and move and it’s been quite awhile since I ran it, but I have a MUCH better view of the sky. I’m in SW Wisconsin.
Will the Dreamcatcher 3.03 still work? What firmware is the latest, and what will continue to work… i.e. what is the earliest firmware on the 3.03 that works.

Thanks in advance for your help.

PS where is the installation guide? I recall seeing it but if I don’t need it, I just need to do the aiming thing with my Dish and Maverick LNA.

On the top of this screen is the WIKI. That’s where installation instructions are located.

However, you mention using a Maverick LNB - - well that won’t work well now with the narrower bandwidth Othernet is using because the Maverick’s frequency stability is not good enough. Othernet recommends using their newer Bullyseye LNB which they sell on their site for $19. Hope this helps, Ken

Ahhh… yeah… I’m staring right at the wiki. OK I"ll get the Bullseye LNB. Thanks Ken!