Doing business througn Iran

Dear Friends,

I was looking at many FAQs, blogs but cant get the exact information about Iran sanctions.
I will really highly appreciate if you share any info that you have about this case:

  1. US Company – distributor purchased products manufactured in India or Turkey. So products are not of US origin.
  2. Distributor sells these products to Kyrgyzstan or Kazakhstan on incoterms CIP or DAP
  3. The Customer signs an end-user statement, that products destined to his country and used solely by him as declared.
  4. Distributor paid to forwarder (UAE company) to transport products to that destination
  5. Forwarder transported by sea until Iran, Bandar Abbas port, reloaded container to truck and moved out.


  1. If goods are not of US origin, not destined to Iran, container is not opened on the way, end users statement is available, also the import declaration confirming that goods imported by customer.
    Will such transaction/shipment be prohibited?

  2. If such shipment is prohibited.
    When I use incoterms CIP, that means my obligation is done when goods hand overed to the forwarder at customs terminal in India, Turkey, so actually I paid
    for truck (non Iranian company) but not own the goods any more. Is that ok to go?

  3. In case such transit, there is no money transfer to Iranian companies, normally UAE logistics operators are providing service.

  4. How do manage the sales in cases when transit through Iran is the only route of shipping