Dreamcatcher 2.03 USB_PWR port not working


I have managed to get my Dreamcatcher going and receiving messages from an Inmarsat bird, however it will only power up using the USB_OTG port rather than the PWR port.

Is there a jumper or solder blob required to power it from the correct connector?


Brake out the Volt Meter, I have not seen the board schematics yet.
But im sure there is a spot on the board

Both ports should take power, they’re bridged together for +5 and GND. If one isn’t working, then something up with the connection of one of the ports on the board. You should be able to test voltage coming from the PWR port when the system is running via the OTG port. WIth a meter, you could tell if it was +5 or GND that was ‘bad’. But regardless, might warrant a replacement, not sure though.

If that is not working, we will replace it.

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