Dreamcatcher 3.0 Satellite for Europe

Sorry wrong link…

The signal is down, but there are two remaining recipients in Europe in the map??

They are up because online , the dreamcatcher send one heartbeat signal ( 1 is mine ) but signal reception are all red/down as downlink test are switched off.

Now we need to wait ( some more test ?? ) September to get the final production data ( Freq / Pid ).

Maybe sooner. Still discussing with SES.

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The EU channel is live. Same settings as the earlier test.

Astra 3B at 23E

11681.242 MHz
Beam Type: 163

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The map on the SES is different from the one on SatBeams. I would go with the more detailed map from SatBeams.

Now using an LNB only for Receiving.
Signal is okay, still indoors trough a double glasing window @Syed

Signal using a Dish: Outernet for sailors (weather forecast grib files)

-9 indoors? That’s great. I’m seeing -11 in Budapest from a rooftop. Definitely enough for over 10 kbps.

Jup -9db ( -8.5 to -9 at the Moment) indoors, Photo below :slight_smile:
Great to hear that the Signal Levels are better then expected.

Tested it with the LNB only now for two days and all is running smooth.

I am from the old L-band gang first with a RTL-SDR and then the all in one USB SDR/antenna board.
I had family in the US try to order the $50 kit for me to test while working near the dead sea but it shows out of stock.
Is this something I can hack together using a recommended LNB power/cable adapter pigtail, and a RTL-SDR or do we need something else to DIY? Also is the decoding software for Linux same as L band?
If I need to I can probably find and tripod an old mini-dish to bump the rx gain if at the edges.

In theory you can hack something together to receive with an RTL-SDR, but it’s not going to be simple. No matter what you’ll need an LNB and an external bias tee to provide 13V to it. My guess is that someone will eventually try this, but it’s going to be a mess of cables.

If you PM me I might have a test unit available for sale, but to be clear, the signal will be really weak for you. I don’t think you’ll have sufficient SNR to demodulate.

Just read about adding a dish. Yeah, that solves the SNR problem.

@Tysonpower You should be seeing files now.

I was just trying to catch a signal from here. Was the signal down during the last 15 min?

When will order taking from Europe users commence?

Jup got something!

@Syed Currently no Signal :frowning:

How about now? I’m seeing packets in Budapest.

Does anyone in Europe have a signal at the moment?

Please switch to beamtype 164 in Europe to see files. Audio service is currently not up on the EU beam, but files are working normally.

@Martin, @Tysonpower