Dreamcatcher 3.03 locking up after upgrade to Skylark 5.7

I reluctantly upgraded my Dreamcatcher 3.03 from Skylark 5.5 to Skylark 5.7 last night. My configuration has been working without issues for months with 5.5 but 5.7 seems to be very buggy.

I can only login and access applications for short while before the board becomes unresponsive to http/ping/ssh requests under Skylark 5.7 . I have not been able to obtain a lock since the upgrade and hence no files or audio.

I have re-imaged 5.7 to another known working SD card, factor reset the board several times and ensured Maverick 1 was chosen fromTuner -> LNB page.

Does anyone happen to have a copy of Skylark 5.5 available for download? I would rather attempt going back to a known stable version of Skylark rather than scrap my v3.03 board and re-purchase a v3.05 board. Thanks in advance.

I also have a 3.03 running without any problems on 5.7, that is really strange.

What did you use to “burn” the sd card? Maybe try etcher, that is known to work fine.

Also redownloading the 5.7 image could be a solution, maybe the file is corrupted.

merry christmas and regards :slight_smile:

I should add that the board itself seems to stay alive as you can see status updates via the onboard screen though after running for hours it still cannot seem to obtain a lock.

After several hours without interruption and after the board becomes unavailable network wise it seems to sort itself out and becomes accessible again for a short time before going out to lunch again.

There was a mention in the upgrade instructions that a factory reset may be required of which I have completed a few times as well.

really really strange…maybe someone from othernet has an Idea. Good Luck!

Also, make sure you are using the latest copy of Skylark 5.7 from 30 October. Ken


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What is your Diagnostics reporting? It should look like this - -

Hum - - you should be locked and getting signals as I am below

with valid packets and a Bitrate around 20000 (in North America) or 10000 (in the EU). Since you are seeing a signal - - your Rssi is -80 dB - - I’m suspecting you are not quite looking at the satellite. If you had an open coax between the DC board and the LNB, you would not have a normal bias-T voltage. Try slewing around your pointing direction slowly to see if you get a lock. Ken

Operating with the Direct TV LNB18, did you select the Maverick LNB in the Tuner App and/or make any other changes? I ask because I have tried my Direct TV dish successfully with the Maverick LNB never thinking the LNB18 would work. Ken

There are lnbf’s linear that mount right into the dish 18 arm. search for viewsat or pansat

then follow the maverick setup since they are LO 10.750

Note “skew” is achieved by rotating the whole assembly (usually not needed if you stick to circular)

This great information I will include in future editions of the User’s Guide I produce for Othernet and for the Wiki.

I’ll try it as soon as I can get my old Direct TV gear out of storage. I wonder how it would work on the EU beam? Maybe @Tysonpower or @wsombeck can get hold of one and give a test. Ken

Well i don’t quite understand what is so special about using a different LNB then the Maverick.

I use a Random PLL LNB from Amazon for a while now and also tested different ones. All seem to work nicely. The only thing that needs to be changed is under the LNB tab where you need to select “Othernet Dual Band”. LO of the normal LNBs is 9.750 so no need for a custom frequency.

I did try a Kit from Ebay for 22€ including a 60cm Dish and a LNB. Even the included LNB alone was working great, with the 60cm Dish the Signal was really Strong (2-3db SNR).

So my Tip for anyone is to get just a cheap Dual band LNB from ebay or os for under 10€, then select Othernet Dual Band in the Dreamcatcher and you are done.

The one really nice thing about a circularly polarized LNB (if used with reflector) is not having to fool with skew adjustment.

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I agree to Manuel.
My first attempt in November 2019 was with a standard 80-cm-dish and its dual-standard-LNB (Octagon-PLL). One output was for receiving the TV and the second one for the Othernet. The settings in the Skylark were unchanged. SNR was +7 to 8 db. I did not adjust any skew, I think in Germany this is not neccessary.
As the majority of the german TV is on the 19.2E Astra I changed everything back and installed the delivered Othernet-LNB without dish, which also works well since November (-8db SNR).
I don´t own a LNB for circular polarisation and could not try it. But I think this would not work well on Astra as often transponders use horizontal and vertical polarisation on frequencies close together.
Wolfgang, DH2WS

Just curious if there is a way to scan nearby freqs using the Dreamcatcher. Dead sea area I get a good strong signal & tone using a satellite finder and a 60cm dish for astra 3B but since I still only have a maverick(dual band is somewhere in mail) I am getting no/have never received any packets.
I don’t get access to the receiver that often.