Dreamcatcher 3.05 in 2023

After a couple of years, I am returning to the Dreamcatcher 3.05.

Unfortunately, I no longer have the operating system, and I am uncertain about what to download, particularly because there is a new board in 2023. I attempted to locate the necessary files via the Wayback machine, but they appear to be unavailable.

Based on information from various threads, it seems that the Dreamcatcher 3.05 is still functional. However, a manual that was once accessible can no longer be found. Therefore, I am wondering where I can find the relevant files for the Dreamcatcher 3.05 in order to restore the device’s functionality.

Additionally, I am curious if there is a new firmware available for the Dreamcatcher 3.05.

You can find Skylark 5.8 here Software Downloads

Note: the frequencies in the presets are not up-to-date, you find everything you need to know in the wiki at Wiki Pages for Othernet Dreamcatcher

Thank you for the information. There is a text file for the instruction.

All working… Just need to connect to the Astra 3B with the new frequency

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