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DC3 Frequency Finder 1.12.html (10.7 KB) (1.12) authored by @Tysonpower
Othernet Satellitecalc-2021.html (12.4 KB) authored by @Tysonpower

Skylark 5.8 - skylark-dc-v5.8-2003041129.img.gz (31.2 MB)

Armbian Readme.txt (3.8 KB)
Armbian 5.41 for Dreamcatcher 3
Armbian 5.67 for Dreamcatcher 3


You could add the Sat Calculator as well to the Links:

could u please help me to find the topic witch help me to how to access to internet with othernet ?

Othernet is a one-way system, you can’t use it for general internet access

Sorry, as @mw1mdh stated, Othernet does not access the internet. It is only providing news service and other information through its satellites to the Dreamcatcher receivers.

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Yeah, this is confusing. Sorry about that. Maybe the name of the service should be changed to Othernet Radio, in order to avoid this type of confusion.

I have the Dreamcatcher v3.05. Is Skylark 5.8 - skylark-dc-v5.8-2003041129.img.gz the newest version for this?
It is possible to receive the new Othernet with Dreamcatcher v3.05?

@Robert Yes, that is the latest version. Yes, you’ll just need to change some tuner settings to receive the current channel.

I’m sorry to intrude into someone else’s thread, but while it was mentioned here: I recently changed Skylark 5.7 to 5.8 and in Tuner, the “Status” pane is always empty. I manually changed frequencies of European broadcast to what I found here in forums, but it seems that I can neither get the link nor even get the status of anything. I don’t see anything bad in logs, dmesg, etc. Is there anything else I can check?

Usually, if you don’t see anything in the Status Pane, that indicates you are not receiving a signal from the satellite.

which is the frequency you actually use? if you see at :
there are many different freq. people use in EU to have a good connection with sat. This is because every lnb have a different frequency oscillator. With the Tysonpower app it is easyer . Other question are you using the bare LNB?

Yes, I’m using bare LNB as always - it always worked. And even when not (different location, bad weather, etc.) there at least was something in the pane - if nothing else, then info that I’m not receiving signal - now it’s blank white page.

OK, don’t know where you are but here (rome Italy) I need at least a cone 20 cm deep in front the lnb. With the avenger lnb ( the one I’m using now) the frq. is 12623.296 , with the bulleye it was 12623.149 about the blank page it is normal when not signal is received. in my experience

@logout As you were previously receiving with the same equipment, the issue must be the frequency offset. The difference between now and then is that the carrier is much smaller (800 kHz vs 200 kHz). You’ll definitely be able to receive–once you find the carrier.

The Frequency Finder from @Tysonpower works really well.

Can you show a screenshot of your tuner settings/beam type?

Snímek obrazovky 2021-06-16 v 17.30.51
Snímek obrazovky 2021-06-16 v 17.30.45
Snímek obrazovky 2021-06-16 v 17.30.40

Here it is. It seems that I would need to download the Frequency Finder to the device to discover more than I know now.

Which model LNB are you using?

The Universal Single LNB I got with the Dreamcatcher.

Is the end of the LNB white or red?

All white.