Dreamcatcher 3.05 not receiving

i have a dreamcatcher 3.05 and the lna that came with the package. i have had it working in the past. but i moved and it got packed away. today i set it up, and i couldnt get anything on it. i powered it up. seemed to load ok. was able to log in via wifi. looked on the statur page and there was nothing…blank. i did change to the narrower bandwidth settings. got out the gps and made sure the lna was pointed and the inclination was good. all checked. still no signal. went to the diag page and this is what i got…Skylark v5.8 / dc (765ca8b)
built at 2020-03-04 11:29:15+00:00

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Some rights reserved.

Tue Jan 1 00:32:09 UTC 2019 up 32 min, load average: 0.42, 0.43, 0.36

         total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached

Mem: 250864 122372 128492 208 16748 72336
-/+ buffers/cache: 33288 217576
Swap: 251324 0 251324

/dev/mmcblk0p4 13.7G 213.5M 12.7G 2% /mnt/downloads

4: wlan0: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 1500 qdisc mq qlen 1000
inet brd scope global wlan0
valid_lft forever preferred_lft forever

[ OK ] Tuner is running
[ OK ] Audio service is running
[ OK ] Local audio is running
[ OK ] File service is running

   Last few updates from file service:

   Jan  1 00:00:19 KD4NFS OTHERNET user.info ondd[451]: [main] v3.0.0
   Jan  1 00:00:18 KD4NFS OTHERNET user.info ondd[455]: [main] v3.0.0
   Jan  1 00:00:19 KD4NFS OTHERNET user.info ondd[457]: [main] v3.0.0
   Jan  1 00:00:17 KD4NFS OTHERNET user.info ondd[454]: [main] v3.0.0

[ OK ] Bias-T is configured on: 0xbb
[ OK ] Bias-T voltage is set to 14.2V
[ OK ] LNB power is configured on
[ OK ] LNB detected, normal current flow: 0x23
[ OK ] Bias-T Voltage normal

i didnt see anything wrong. but im a bit lost on what to do now. looking for some info. thanks. 73

With the bandwidth reduction in march, the signal ist more difficult to pick up than before. Especially when using the older maverick type LNB’s. So we’d need a bit more of info. Did you use the tuner script? What LNB are you running? did you double check the beam settings and save them?

Hi Michael, is your frequency set at 12089.42 and beam type 36? Some changes have been made, but it still works. Better if you are using an Othernet Bullseye LNB.