Dreamcatcher 3.05

Just received my Dreamcatcher 3.05 today. So far I haven’t gotten it to do anything. I have loaded the software a couple of times but no joy. The pcb is showing 3 green led labeled LED1, LED11, LED10, and the POWER LED. There is no WiFi signal. None of the LEDs are blinking and the is no biasT voltang on the LNB.
If this seems like a dead board, please let me know how to get a replacment. I would like to go ahead and order another and just credit me back when the get my return…

John, if there is no voltage at the LNB, carefully measure the source voltage with the Dreamcatcher running and see if it is at least 5.0 volts. Many of us experienced this problem starting up, and be sure your power lead is a “sync and charging” cable, not just an inexpensive A to Micro USB. We found most of our problems getting it to run had to do with the size of the wire in the power cable or the voltage being too low at the power source. It has been suggested that the official Raspberry Pi power supply is one of the best sources.

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Thanks for your prompt reply
I measure the voltage at JP1 and found to be 5.65V
I have also held a scope probe near the processor but didn’t see any hash, also on power up with the SC/OS card installed, there were not blinking LEDs like it would be reading the card.
Any other suggestions?

If there is no power to the LNB and have put Skylark 5.8 on your SD card to operate, and you are measuring 5.6 volts with the OS/SD card in place and booted, I will defer to Syed on this, it does sound like a bad board. I have put Syed’s address here so he will see this message.

ok, tnx
BTW, I am a Ham (WB4NLD), but I haven’t figured out hhow to add myself to the list…

@jldortch I’ll email you shortly with a shipping label.

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Here you go, John, just click on the blue link, then add your own reply at the bottom.


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I have success, at least the is LED activity I reflashed the SD card but this time I formatted it first. everything is looking good.
Thanks again for you assistance,
John Dortch

No problem, glad to help. Let us know if we can help in any way.