Dreamcatcher 3.5 frequency specs

Wondering if anyone has done a workup on how sensitive the sdr is?

Considering purchasing a couple for various purposes along with othernet usage.

James W8ISS

Othernet doesen’t use a SDR anymore! It can ONLY be used with LoRa becaue it is a LoRa Chip on the Board.

Manuel DO5TY

For some reason I thought it had a sdr chip set still. When I read your reply, I remembered about the changes.


In the L-band receiver (Dreamcatcher v2) we had an RTL2832U and R820T2, which is an RTLSDR. I’ve always wondered if there was a small market for such a device. I assume no because the standard USB dongle and Raspberry Pi does is the exact same thing.

As far as I can tell, it is not possible to provide a more expensive product that is actually better than the Pluto SDR by Analog Devices. That’s a Linux wideband SDR capable of Tx and Rx–all for $100.

At the risk of starting a fight …

Actually, it DOES use SDR. Just not the one everyone is familiar with. The use of the LoRa receiver is exactly the sort of demonstration/textbook Software Defined Radio project that they teach in college. SDR is not a given hardware platform but rather a concept. A simple direct conversion HF receiver can be (and often is) used as an SDR. One of the components for an SDR is the radio itself. You have to be able to receive the signal before you can have at it with software.

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