Dreamcatcher 3 availability

Are there any additional Dreamcatcher 3s available for sale? If not, will there be a new version or additional DC3 produced in the future?

I believe @Syed is in the process of finalising the next version of DC, and so I’m sure some will be along soon!

We previously held back 30 units for our own development, but it looks like a bit more than we need. Are you in the US @CaptainRedbeard ?

Yes, I am. Florida

Not to hijack the thread, but I would like to purchase a backup as well. How much would it be?

Hi Syed,
I’m located in Virginia and would like to purchase a unit as well.

Please connect via email so we can connect.

Thank you.

Hi All,

I check daily for availability, I kick myself for not buying one originally. So I finally decided to join and create an account. I would Love to build one any news on the L-band Patch Antennas?

Are you interested in the L band antennas for another use? We switched the broadcast to Ku about two years ago.

I would like buy a offgrid device. ideal for normal 12V accumulator (car?)
Simply buy and using.

If you have additional units still I am also in the U.S. and would love to purchase one.

im in california do you still have any available


I am in Oregon, do you have anymore available?



I am off air with a L-band unit. I need a DC board, any version.
As soon as the new DC comes out let me know so I can buy it.