Dreamcatcher & Active Antenna Physical Characteristics

Hello! I’ve been looking throughout the store and forums quite a bit.

Can anyone provide the physical dimensions for the Dreamcatcher (length x width x height) as well as an approximate mass?

Could someone also provide physical dimensions for the active antenna (length x width x height) as well as a mass?

Thank you!

One more question, does anyone have a good value for the power draw for the Dreamcatcher and Active Antenna?


Near 700 ma or slightly above. Jumps around a bit. 690 to 710 ma
Board runs cool.

4 3/4" square, 2 1/4 oz

Thank you!

Any idea what the power draw is of Dreamcatcher is by itself and one antenna by itself?

I’m considering a use-case where I have an array of maybe 6 antennas per Dreamcatcher.


Check this out. I have one.


Then, let Google help you search. It might be faster :slight_smile:

6 active antennas per Dreamcatcher? :slight_smile: What’s usecase?

donde, thanks for the link! I’ll check that out once I get a Dreamcatcher. Right now I’m still researching options.

The use case is a multi-week trip (off-grid). I’m thinking that if I’m going to carry this equipment with me, I might as well be receiving a signal while I’m in motion (8-10 hrs per day) on those days we are mobile. The mass and volume of the Dreamcatcher device/antenna isn’t a concern to me, but the power consumption (especially overnight) is where I’m looking for additional insight. (for reference my background is environmental engineering - so some aspects of Outernet make sense, but quite a lot is a learning experience)

The reason I’m thinking of six antennas is because I keep going back and forth between creating a static array of sorts, combining the signal, and plugging that in to the Dreamcatcher or a gimbal mounted antenna. I think the gimbal mounted antenna might have more variables/complexity than I’d prefer, and a gimbal setup doesn’t seem to be as rugged as I would like it to be. It’s really a level of effort required vs. payoff. If I need to do a gimbal that will likely be more effort than I’m interested in - but it’s still early and I’m open to any other ideas people have considered.

Has anybody attempted an active antenna array with the Dreamcatcher?

I can’t imagine the antenna is a power hog, but does anyone have a draw of the antenna? Or maybe just the Dreamcatcher (w/o antenna)?


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I use my outernet in the field in the SE USA, what i discovered is that foliage obscures the antenna greatly, and the benefit of having multi directional array would be minimal if you are walking in a single direction. The point being that if you can position the antenna in the general direction you can get enough signal to do good, but if it drops because of Foliage you loose much of that download, making it somewhat useless…

what i found is that once im at “base” i set it up and use a basic compass to position the antenna, and am able to get 6db or so at a minimum and leave it while im at that location. A solar panel (Solar Joos) feeds the DC with what it needs to keep going much of the night until daylight…

YMMV, but thats my experience.