DreamCatcher Armbian -- What Apps have you got dunning on it?

I have not started to re-compile and load apps on my DreamCatcher Armbian yet.

I’m interested in trying out a few apps on Dreamcatcher…

  1. Sylark - Is there an app that runs on Armbian?
  2. GNSS-SDR - An open-source global navigation satellite systems SDR http://gnss-sdr.org/
  3. GNU Radio Companion - Open Source toolkit for SDR https://www.gnuradio.org/

–Konrad, WA4OSH

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+1… I’m totally with you, desperately wanting to redeploy my DC to run/play with anything SDR-ish on Armbian… Also waiting to buy a couple of Pi3’s so that I can use the SDRx’s I foolishly bought before APAC sat (and L-band?) went into limbo mode.
So guys, come on, how can we still use these bits of hardware for play & fun…? ANYONE??


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I assume you have been here… https://docs.outernet.is/

I have one running as an APRS i-gate. https://docs.outernet.is/Howto%3A%20Setting%20up%20APRS%20iGate.html

But another I am attempting and failing to install and run spyserver on. https://airspy.com/download/