Dreamcatcher hardware compatibility list

A better place for this might be a wiki, but I couldn’t really find a list anywhere.

So far I’ve got this to report

  • Sandisk 16gb microSD HC Class 4 - Slow but works, seeing upwards of 85% iowait on heavy I/O

  • Any RTL2832U-based SDR

  • HackRF One - Running 2017.02.1 firmware and software compiled and ran fine - didn’t do thorough testing

  • Amazonbasics 4-port USB 2.0 HUB w/5amp power supply (Shows in ‘lsusb’ as “Terminus Technology Inc. 4-Port HUB”)

  • Plugable USB 2.0 Fast Ethernet Adapter - Model: USB2-E100 (Black in color)

NOT working:

  • Samsung EVO Select 32gb microSD - Filesystem corruption with heavy I/O

  • Tronsmart USB 2.0 to Fast Ethernet Adapter (ASIX AX88772A chip, white in color) - Shows as eth0 but link on switch flashes on and off, won’t get a steady link (Known good, works fine on other devices) Maybe lack of power?

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I just tossed the packaging but I have the Lexar 32 Gig running the OS and 64 on memory (haven’t used that yet (or have I without knowing it? hah hah…) with no issues…

TP-Link TL-UE300 usb ethernet dongle also works

what is your use case with the HackRF on Dreamcatcher? Does it makes sense to go for higher bandwidth IQ stream on the single core CPU platform?

Didn’t really have a use-case, just testing any device I had available. The one that comes to mind is that since the HackRF is single-duplex, you could use the on-board RTL for receiving while the HackRF is transmitting. More so just wanted to see if it would work and if the software would compile and run on this platform.

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