Dreamcatcher Kit w/ Skylark 4.4 Wireless Network Compatibility

I’m attempting to connect my Dreamcatcher to a hotspot generated by my Android phone. For some reason, the Dreamcatcher is not connecting to the phone. The technical info for the EDUP wireless dongle says that it supports WPA2-PSK. My Andoid’s hotspot is configured that way as well. However, no connection is happening.

Is anyone else seeing this sort of issue with the EDUP dongle? I’m trying to narrow down where the problem is. In the Skylark network configuration, wireless client, tab, it seems only the SSID and password are needed. There is no specification of what encryption (if any) to use. Looking at the settings in the JSON file, it appears that only the SSID and the password are recorded. Maybe more settings need to be applied to the wireless connection? Is there a method to manually specify the wireless connection info, using serial connection, for testing?

I had a similar issue where the EDUP did not want to connect to my router’s WPA2-PSK network either. I would see it show as a client on the router and then drop off after a few seconds. I never pursued it so I’m not sure what is causing it, but the WiFi adapter is a logical place to start, IMO. Try swapping it out if you have another that already has a kernel module on the system.

Well, I fixed it. Unfortunately, I’m not sure exactly what I did. I believe the connection was made after I issued the following command, and then rebooted:

sudo ip link set wlan0 up

The Dreamcatcher connected right up to my Android after the reboot. If I get some time, and there is enough interest, I might “flash” the OS and just do that one step above, to confirm that was the actual fix. I had also been messing with the /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf line and trying some other things with the “iw” command. At any rate, I am showing up on status.outernet.is now. Now I have to try to get a signal from the satellite…

This happened again, unfortunately at an inconvenient time. I was on vacation at the beach with a beautiful view of the sky. However, the DC wouldn’t connect up with my Android again. Since I was on the road, I didn’t have a laptop or a means of messing with the AP/STA settings.

I got it home and looked at it over the serial port again. Same problem. wlan0 wouldn’t connect until I did sudo ip link set wlan0 up.

This time, I edited /mnt/conf/etc/network/interfaces.d/wlan0 and added post-up ip link set wlan0 up to the configuration. Assuming I don’t switch the AP/STA setting at all, hopefully this will keep the connection working.

I just think it is ideal to use the STA mode, so that the DC can report status to status.outernet.is. But I guess that isn’t actually important, as the DC is most useful with there is no Internet connection of any kind. :confused: But I thought it was worth reporting anyway. This could be a problem if trying to hook up the DC to a stand-alone wireless network, at a school or something.