Dreamcatcher still on sale?

I have been out of the Othernet loop for a while working on different projects and I noticed I missed out on the opportunity to purchase Dreamweaver v3.03. Is there an eta on when v3.04 will be made available or perhaps a lonely v3.03 is still sitting on a shelf at Othernet headquarters?

We have some v3.05 available, while the enclosure is still being sorted out. These will be on the store next week. V3.05 does not include a display.

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Thanks Syed. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

Are there general details listing changes since v3.03

??? Power connectors, on-board wifi/bluetooth, chip or programming differences ???

Just to prepare users for the support systems that will needed …

All of that is the same. The shape is slightly different and there is no display.

Do you recommend an enclosure for the 3.03, I have one coming but I imagine you had something for outdoor testing. Do you have any articles online or in the forum on a full field setup with solar power?

Will the Dreamcatcher V3.05 have a way to restore it to the AP mode as the touch screen did on earlier versions? Ken

I forgot to ask if you will be coming out with a new Skylark 5.6 which fixes some of 5.5’s problems such as the Captive Portal issue (No more sessions). Ken

Skylark 5.6 is available.


Yes, the second button on Dreamcatcher 3.05 returns wifi to AP mode. Just touch it once and then wait for a reboot after seven seconds. I’ll be adding inventory to the store in a couple hours.

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