Dreamcatcher v3.05 Hardware Info

Started this forum topic to collect the relevant technical information on the version 3.05 board.

  1. First questions? There are two white buttons, (PWR) AND (PB1), power is obvious (but how long do you hold it for ___ seconds ?), the PB1 I assume is the new reset to wifi access point… but what is the sequence to operate this button ? I saw a post that said touch it once… wait seven seconds… Is this only for skylark 5.6 and later ?

  2. The board is noticeable warm on the underside in the quatrants under the rf chips and the components between the rf chips and the wifi usb port.

Just a short touch of the power button initiates a shutdown. Yes, PB1 is resets wifi to an access point (still after connecting to the Othernet SSID). A short press of the PB1-button initiates the reset process. The device will wait 7-seconds and then restart itself in AP-mode. Yes, this is only for Skylark 5.6 and later. Previous versions of Skylark have no support for the PB1-button.

Is the 3.05 warmer than previous versions?