Dreamweaver v3.05 power consumption

In watts per hour if known. I’m going to power Dreamweaver from a solar project I built that uses an ultra-capacitor for daytime operations and a lithium battery for nighttime operations. I need to figure the proper battery size.

After boot, it’s drawing less than 1A at 5V, so 5W, or 5 W-hr over an hour.

Awesome! Thanks.

Can we have some pix and schematics?
Are you using an off the shelf controller or DIYing?

I’ll post a good article on it when I have everything put together. Most of it is easily obtained off the shelf components from chinamart with the exception of the ultra-capacitor. My system will use the RAM Ultra UPS 8000 but another can be substituted.

Basically its an ultra-capacitor charged with a 0-20v 20w solar panel with a buck/boost converter. The ultra-capacitor provides power to the main power bus which charges the batteries and powers the board. Power is managed by a STM32 microcontroller which monitors voltages across 8 different reference points and can disable/enable the solar panel, ultra-capacitor, and batteries as needed. The idea is always to only have one power source powering the power bus at any time.