EMEA down again?

After having changed to the new frequency last week I got reception again from AlphaSat, but since Oct 14 no new data (news or messages) has arrived anymore. When looking at the decoder using “screen -x” the CRC Ok counter is still increasing at a rate of about 1 per second, but no more completed files appear in the log or in the “What’s new” overview.
Latest is an APRS file on 10/14/2017 3:13:55 AM
Is there a problem with the transmission or is something broken in my setup?

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looks like works nice for me. Try to double check if you using still the good frequency, if you changed the wrong .js file it reset itself after reboot…

update: Hmmm… my download is at 74% till 7 min, so this definitely looks somethings needs to be checked…
my setup is up since 5 days


now it’s progresses download:

Yes it looks like it has been fixed, I have not touched it but suddenly a lot of files appear in the log again.
Well, maybe I have made an error the previous time I exited “screen”, as it appears it has started working again after I checked again using screen and exited with ^A^D (as it should be).