Emotet Hacks Nearby Wi-Fi Networks to Spread to New Victims

The Skylark Wifi is per default not to be password protected. This allows the Emotet Trojan to spread in this Wifi.

It is highly recommended to protect the Wifi with a secure password.

It seems emotet only spreads on windows devices. If you dont connect windows to a unprotected network you should be fine.

it’s all windows, so it will not spread onto the DC.

But if two neighbours with Windows computers connect to your othernet-wlan, they could infect each other. Depending on the legal situation, one can be prosecuted for this.

@kenbarbi I propose that the user documentation be supplemented as follows: In the network app, activate the option “Enable Security (WPA)” under “Hotspot Config” and assign a secure password.

It would be better to force these settings.

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I would like to know where in the world someone could be prosecuted for that.

You are more likely to get infected by emotet via malspam than through wifi. While it is always a good idea to have a strong password on an AP, in this case it’s far more important to have a strong password(s) on your pc. Emotet uses a dictionary attack on passwords. Use reasonable passwords and emotet isnt a threat.

I may have translated it a little awkwardly. If my open Wifi causes damage for someone else, there may be recourse claims. Everyone must decide for themselves whether they want to operate an open Wifi.

However, the documentation should recommend the use of a password. It would be advantageous to force this by default. Currently, neither encryption nor a password is set for Wifi by default.

Good point, Robert. Most of us have not worried about this issue. But if it is a problem to anyone - - yes Skylark has the solution. While you can change the Othernet admin password (as I have mentioned in the User’s Guide), no one yet has looked at the Othernet HotSpot password, nor have I mentioned it.

Yes, Skylark has a way to fix that very simply. Simply add the WiFi Hotspot password, and use it to get into the Dreamcatcher when you are using the Othernet Hotspot. I’ll add that to the User’s Guides. Thanks, Ken