Enable wifi meshing?

Would it be possible to enable meshing on the lanterns? It looks like chip supports Adhoc mode there is a batman package available in buildroot.

It would mean users could easily build mesh networks to extend the range of the lantern throughout a village

Approx cost $9 chip, $20 solar panel, $20 battery for each node.

Definitely possible, but not sure how soon the feature will get added.

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Any reason not to just use 802.11s instead of an adhoc+BATMAN (assuming ADV) setup? Sticking with a pure standards based mesh might be a good way forward.

I’m a bit out of touch with the layer 1 protocols, Last time I looked at 802.11s very few devices which implement it commercially available, and the driver support was poor. It may have improved and it’s worth checking.

My reason for asking for batman specifically is that it’s already in the Linux Kernel and would enable support for phones joining the mesh if they were running Serval http://www.servalproject.org/

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Sam is right .This Serval is a really interesting project.

I think it is a hand in glove for Outernet.


I’ll be talking to the good folks at Serval later this week.


I think if you want to get the message that Outernet is delivering ie emergency communication after a disaster or a free and independent press etc then the Serval capability would be an amazing force multiplier.

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I think that you could have a router nearby that you could use as a big part of the mesh network. Currently, the wifi part of the chip board can only connect around 6 devices at a time! Maybe there’s a way to make a ‘mesh shield’ (like an Arduino shield) for the chip that you plug into the top? BTW, I want a USB shield that gives another USB port.