Encrypted messaging as a revenue stream?

Hi I just had a random thought which I thought I’d share.

Say I’m some NGO working in countries with very little infrastructure, I want to get the latest budget spreadsheet, or medical process or some other data to staff. If I have the PGP keys of my staff I can encrypt my messages & pay to broadcast them over Outernet. Only the staff can read the message.

Have you thought of this already?



Yes we have, and even the possibilty of adding an app that could reply when Internet is available via a 3G dongle or otherwise.

Sounds reasonable at first look, but then I think you could expand the concept to entire documents, spread sheets, images, articles of information, etc.

With Outernet broadcasting encrypted material, I think that process would put their company at risk to unwanted government intervention and meddling. It also seems to go against Outernet principles of uncensored information distribution.

What else do folks have to say? Ken

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As long as we don’t have any knowledge of what’s in the documents, we are fine.

Yes, but, what if one of those encrypted messages you pass becomes the “smoking gun” in some unthinkable terrorist plot? Ken

I’m with Ken.

Keep it simple, and do it well.

All the additional features will dilute resources away from the original purpose of Outernet.

(IMHO, of course!)

I’m just saying that there are no legal consequences of transmitting encrypted documents. As for political and similar consquences, well, you can always come up with somethihng. Some people did not like the fact that we were talking to the World Bank for example.

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