Entertainment And news section for children

Outernet should defently include a entertainment section for children andolesents, and teenagers. It would be great if there were games that would play on Android, iPad, computers, and raspberry pi machines. Games make learning fun.

Entertainment is very important to improve the quality of life and the general happiness. I am sure adding this contest will increase interest in the outernet project in general. I know there is tons of such type material available online for free that is not available to those who don’t have internet access.

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If you find such content, feel free to upload it to the Uplink Center.

We agree with everything you said. The reason we created Uplink Center is so that the community could make directly upload what they thought to be most appropriate.

Thanks, I will. I love the outernet concept and I commend everyone involved for all your efforts. I will do my best to assist in everyway possible.

Thank you I will.

We appreciate the compliment. This has not been an easy journey, but it’s something we all feel very strongly about it and are definitely making progress.