Eutelsat Reception

I tried to connect to Eutelsat 113.0 W without success today. I have a clear (but low) view from Annapolis, MD, but only saw some of it’s more powerful transponders.

I used to receive Reuter’s inputs on FTA a few years ago, but not now.

One person is reporting Outernet reception, and I’m wondering how you’re doing? Ken

According to satbeams, you’d need at least 150cm dish for ES113W from there.


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We have some friends in Boston who are receiving 113W, but they also have a 1+ meter dish.

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Mine is 80 cm, and I have a some what obstructed view of the sky. As I said, I do receive some of the strong transponders, but not the normal set of FTA signals - - which would include Outernet. Ken