Files Re-downloading including outernet-rx-3.1.pkg

Hi everyone. Can somebody explain why the outernet-rx-3.1.pkg and the Lighthouse Manual 3.1 files are always on the list of downloading files? I have re-downloaded the .pkg file more than four times already.

My Lighthouse is running Librarian 3.1 to which I upgraded manually.

After reading this thread, I still don’t understand.

@branko pradeeka and @kenbarbi I would appreciate clarification points.


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As I understand the way Outernet puts traffic onto the satellites is they have 4 input loads (they call carousels) constantly uploading files to the satellites. Each one has its own set of files which are constantly repeated so if a user is off line, they can get the files the next time the user comes on line.

When they have new files to upload, they put them on one of the carousels. You’ll see lots of repeat files being resent, but they actually don’t get stored on your Lighthouse. Only the first time a file arrives will it actually get stored.such as the infonet-biovision (45%) as in your screen shot.

Hope this helps, Ken

@kenbarbi is correct.

Regarding the firmware and user manual: We have a dedicated carousel for our software updates. It’s important that all receivers are always using the most current version of the software. Once the file is downloaded, the Lighthouse will automatically initiate a software update.

The manual is an important piece of information for everyone to have. We will eventually include it in the image, so that specific carousel will go away. But for now the easiest thing to do was to send it as a pdf.

Read this as well. Please consider ‘skipping’ as ‘100%’.