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So, where is the Outernet pointing these days? Been out of the discussion loop, for it seems new topics are not going down the Yellow Brick Road that Syed found a few years ago and travelled on for humanitarian purposes of delivering help, basic education, and news of the world to millions, via satellite, that have very little and are aching for more. At this time I see many distractions. I will now leave it at that. Another distraction from me is not purposeful either.

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It isn’t that we aren’t trying, it’s just that a lot of work happens behind the scenes. Content is not a problem. Technology is not even the problem (though it’s not turnkey, like content). The problem is making all the numbers work so that Outernet can be relevant, useful, and long-term viable.


Understand better Syed. BTW still haven’t received the CHIP yet. I’m done with them! Hang in there, Sir.

The problem with operating NGOs is too often the customer, the person paying for operations, has no actual need for the product. When you are doing humanitarian operations, like education or health, no matter how great the need if you cant pay for the resolution your want is only currency if you can use it to interest someone with enough wealth. So it is a game of making the NGO sexy enough that it can attract the capital to fulfill a humanitarian service for those who need but can’t always pay. Most often that sexyness is letting a wealthy person or corporation absorb some of the goodwill of an org like Outernet and affix it to their name to increase their own prestige by association. Thanks for working hard for us all Syed!

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