Firmware 3.0 released for Lighthouse, ORxPi 1 and 2

We are pleased to announce the release for version 3.0 of Lighthouse and ORx firmware. This is a major overhaul compared to the previous releases with some fairly major changes in the UI in particular.

You can see the details of the release here:

There weren’t too many changes since the release candidate. Most of it is fixing small bugs and minor performance improvements.

Known issues

There are currently performance issues with very large folders. Load time of 10~20s is not unheard of in such cases. This bug affects all tabs within such folders. For the updates tab, the current workaround is to load it just outside such folders.

Pi1 performance

Since the firmware is now doing a lot more than before, even modest level of performance is unlikely. We are currently in process of cleaning up the code and making many improvements in terms of robustness and speed, so please bear with us until that is done, it may make Pi1 usable again.


Lighthouse devices should receive updates OTA soon.

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I am running the ORxPi 3.0, but it looks like the new data is been stored on to the internal storage instead of the removable storage. I clicked on move files here and it looks like that worked, but the previous version I was running ORxPi-2.7a2 did it by itself. I am using a 1GB SD card for the host os and a 120Gb mSATA module for external storage.

Thanks, we’ll check it out.