First Day In Outernet

Hi, I think this project is very intersting but limited at the same time in the sense that Outernet “owners” can control the content, it would be very easy to implement an apache server or samba server over satelital solutions and data would be really free. My personal opinion is that Outernet should be just a way to transmit and not the holder of the information I’m pretty sure that way Outernet would be the future of Internet. Imagine an scenario where people who already have runing servers and successful blogs can add an aditional Network Card to their server and broadcast content to anyone in the world, while Outernet keeps the information as a big hard drive would be less interesting than Internet. I’m due to support but I would like to see free data really happening, you know people transmiting from an apache server to any place in the world via satelite with IPV6 :slight_smile:

Hi @tmedina and welcome to the forums.

That is not really our final destination. We do intend to open it up, but we need to build the infrastructure for it. The transmission of files is not automated at the moment, and as long as we are manually moving files about, we face legal consequences so we need to control what files go in. Once there is full automation of the transmission, we can relatively safely open it up to the community.

Outernet data stream is not IP over satellite, so IPv6 or any other version does not apply.