First time setup of Dreamcatcher 3.05 Wifi Issues

So I finally got around to setting up my Dreamcatcher and for the most part things are going smoothly, until I try to change from AP mode to connect to my Wifi. I purchased two boards and they both have the same issue so I’m guessing the hardware is fine. I’m able to connect in AP mode without any issues and the log viewer shows everything is working, but when trying to switch to Wireless mode connected to my router and making the changes as shown in the documentation it reboots but I never see it connect to my router. It’s currently LED 8 is blinking green, LED 9 is solid white, and the Wifi Dongle is blinking like there is activity. I have reload the OS as well with no change. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance!

A little bit more information. I just realized that it stays in AP mode no matter what I do and it’s not saving the changes that I make for the hostname. I have been leaving it at “othernet” during my testing, but decided to change it to see what would happen and it’s not saving the name change, but the Wifi information with my password is saved.

While in the “Network” App, after entering your information in the boxes, are you returning to the “Network Mode” tab and clicking on “Apply and reboot”? Sometimes we miss that step while doing wifi setup.

Even if you do that, there are some newer access points / routers that have trouble with the EDUP dongle. My FritzBox 7590 MESH System won’t accept connections from it. I resorted to using the wired ethernet adapter.

How does a fritzbox relate to Dreamcatcher 3.05?

i had trouble connecting the dreamcatchers wifi dongle to the fritzbox. So even if the setup is right, sometimes rhe wifi itself acts up. I can reproduce that by inserting the dongle into my PC instead. There’s no way to get a connection there either. Tried almost every available setting on the fritzbox.

OK. My own experiences with the Edup dongles have been positive as pertains to the Dreamcatchers 3.02Q, 3.03, and 3.05. I currently have two v.3.05 Dreamcatchers operating with Edup dongles, both communicating successfully with my home router. One unit has been up 118 days consecutively (view at This thread is meant to help a newcomer get his Dreamcatcher 3.05 connected to a standard PC or network, using standard procedures.
If @pqgscott Gary is able to operate his Dreamcatcher 3.05 as an AP using the Edup, it is more likely to be a problem with procedure, rather than the Edup unit.
Let’s try to help Gary get up and running…

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I was not trying to hijack the thread, I already found a solution to my connection troubles, I was merely pointing out what else could go wrong when the UI issue was ruled out.

I’ve looked at the Fritzbox, and like what I see. As a Mesh Router, it gives more flexibility in home/business Wifis. I’m wondering if where you link into the Mesh makes a difference for the EDUP dongle? Ken

Maybe we should split the topic out of the first time setup thread? :slight_smile: AVM, the manufacturer of these boxes, has a considerable market share in Germany, mostly though several OEM deals with big DSL and Cable access providers. The problem is, they use a custom WiFi code and hardware instead of one of the ‘obvious’ cipsets on the market. I’ve found older AVM boxes to be much more compliant to the standards. The current boxes are implementing WiFi6 and WPA3 through firmware updates and they added a couple of custom things, like MESH and a band steering option, which may interfere with less common chipsets as well.

I think this is most likely the case and I can pick up a second hand router around here for a couple of bucks to test.

Thanks for the tip and it’s always possible I missed a step and that will be the first thing I try.

This gives me hope and a few ideas for testing thanks!