Folders Showed Up On Desktop

While messing around on the desktop with some swiping and clicking, I somehow ended up with the folders from the Files Manager Download category on my desktop. There are folders still in the Files Manager and these are active duplicates, not copies. When the folders in the Files Manager are updated with data, the folders on the desktop are also updated. I don’t have a clue how they got there and don’t have a clue how to get rid of them. This occurred while logged in as Othernet. When I log in as Guest, there are no folders on the desktop so it’s tied in with the Othernet log in. Would someone smarter than me please tell me how to remove these folders off my desktop.

It happens when you right click the desktop. A box appears that says “Show Icons”. If you click it, the folders appear. Right click again and you disappear them again.

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Thank you for your response. I’m running an Android tablet with Chrome. I’ve brought up the box with “Hide Icons” numerous times and tapped, double tapped and long tapped and any other combination without effect. But your response gave me another idea. I closed Chrome and opened Othernet in Firefox. This time, when the “Hide Icons” box came up, a quick tap hid the icons. I closed Firefox and went back to Chrome and the folders were gone. Some sort of tapping glitch in Chrome. Thanks for the inspiration.

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They should also go away when you restart the dreamcatcher, and clear cookies in your browser. The whole Skylark system image is basically read-only except for the download folders.