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Hi, I am probably what most of you would call a crank as I believe myself to be Electro Hypersensitive. It’s my belief that electrical devices in my home make me pretty ill so I’ve gone to some extent to make my life easier…things like and old ball pc mouse, wired internet, wired peripherals etc etc.

My main concern is RF wifi which I recently learned that I had switched on even though my internet was wired. The difference for me has been quite profound with arthritis clearing up and mental hyperactivity greatly reduced. It made it kind of black and white for me personally as I was unaware wifi was being beamed into my space and had been much worse for 2 years or so. I don’t share this as proof that EHS exists but for me I feel I must live according to it’s restraints to make life semi existable.

I don’t want to discuss if this is a real problem for people or whether it’s imagined as it doesn’t really change what I would like to know from yourselves. If you are willing to share. I’d appreciate it.

As you may or may not know, many in the EHS community are panic stricken by the idea that “wifi” will be beamed into their space whether they like it or not. This is after going to many extents to see that it currently isn’t in their space as much as humanely possible.

I’ve had a look around and it seems my worst fears are unfounded and that I will not have microwaves beamed into my house that would have the same intensity as if I had a wifi router switched on. That it’s currently a one way data share. Personally I think it’d be great if places like China, N. Korea etc had access to any and all info. My concern of course is that doing so will make my life harder…but that’s extraneous to what I’m here for.

I’d like to know what are the proposed set ups if possible so I can discer what additional exposure to radiation I might have. Don’t jump on me as I agree wholeheartedly with the Outernets intentions but there are already activist groups being formed to stop “wifi from space” yet little data on what they’re intending to halt. Regardless of what folk believe these people, my people, are seriously isolated and socially affected by what they percieve as biologically, emotionally and mentally disabling to them…so please have a heart for us. No need to tell me it’s unproven etc and debates like that. I would like to know a basic set up so we can discern protection if need be. You may disagree that I need to protect myself but answering as if I’m correct is what I’d appreciate. I know most think it’s psychosomatic, thats another argument for another day.

Although my main concern was intensity there are folk who claim that intensity is not the issue per se and that biological affects happen at varying bandwidth and intensity windows. I agree with this whilst believing that intensity is still the main problem. I have found though that if a cell phone tower is visible, I will be affected. This I learned by accident again so led me to believe that intensity is not the only problem the EHS community have.

All the best peeps

I’ll just throw this out there and see what replies I get, if any.

Wifi from space is not true, and that’s not what we’re doing despite the fact many would want it (to the extent they just go on and write we’re doing it). Now that I’ve (hopefully) cleared that up, I bet everyone else would be panic stricken. :slight_smile:

We are using normal DVB bands (Ku and C). We may use other bands in the future, but nothing that’s not been used for ages all over the planet.

Cheers man…I’ve passed it on. Certainly been a fair bit of misunderstanding and I wanted to straighten it out. Even the one activist group thinks it giga hertz at high intensity straight into the home. If you knew the panic! Still, don’t get ovfer zealous with all this beaming shit at us please…it’s gonna get more intense no doubt…peace n hair grease

It would be cool if countries like China could have 2 way data share irrespective of their leaders wishes though eh? Must be a way to do it…safely preferably. That said info share is info share and even with the great chinese firewall they’re still connecting and sharing with each other, which, is the same thing of sorts.

I doubt it. We’re using existing commercial satellite bandwidth.

I remember, during a particularly difficult session of EMC testing, pondering what it would be like to have a pair of RF spectacles.

I would be able to actually “see” where the pesky little radio waves were eliminating from.

But i suspect, with all the Wifi, phones, terrestrial broadcasts, Bluetooth, (insert radio enabled device here) all i would see is mush. Similar to the “snow” on a un-tuned TV. (which is actually your telly displaying radio waves left over from the big bang)

RF is out there. Like it or not, and what is getting to earth from a satellite is teeny, the least of your worries!

I’m more worried about all the processed food that we eat these days!

Good luck!

The quote was from a member of an activist group, which I am not a part of, in a private email to me. I am asking them to correct their info as it seems alarmist to me. I’m relaying your replies which I hope is ok. I’d guess it was taken from this article

quote: Outernet will consist of hundreds of low-cost, miniature satellites in Low Earth Orbit, each of which will be receiving data streams from a network of ground stations. These satellites will be transmitting the data in a continuous loop until new content is received.

Still, doesn’t seem to be implying any kind of two data stream with wifi strength upto router power, even without one. I take note of their concerns over low intensity still causing issues but the exact propositions seem poorly understood and I would like folk to panic less if the threat is not what it’s being presented as. If they’re concerned over low intensities then that should be what they activist about…not the fallacious idea of 2 way data stream at router strength wifi from space to my pc, which is what folk are believing it to be.

I’m not sure where you dug this up, but if we said that on some page, it’s a mistake. If you found it on a 3rd party website, I would appreciate if you could give me the link so I can look into it.