Fs: dreamcatcher 3 & lnb


If anyone is interested in a D3 and LNB I have mine for sale… I started a new job and its taking up more time than the last and I would like the unit to go to someone who can contribute more time to the project. Please pm me if interested


Is this the latest version? What else do I need? How much?


Model v3.02q with LNB all you need is an SD card and your good to go… 55 + shipping (exact amount TBD)


Dreamcatcher v3.02q works fine with Skylark 5.3. Use the same User Guide to set it up. Ken


If anyone is interested please pm me as i want to put this in the hands of someone who can use it more, and I am asking less because for some the full cost might really not be able to buy otherwise… :microscope:


Still available.


Is it still available ?


yes it is I would like to get it to someone who can put it to better use.

pm me your address and I will get you a shipping quote



Are you located in the US?


Yes… I have another person asking about the unit but if that falls thru I will let you know.