FTA dish on SES 2, take a look with SDR?

Hi all, just happen to have a FTA dish locked on SES 2. Took a look at lyngsat but did not find Othernet listed.

Would love to hook up a SDR and take a look at what SES 2 has on it.

Anyone played around with this?

The bias-t used would be of interest.

Thanks, Dale

Found a HFS-2 Holland 2-way splitter. Plan to test it with DVM and provided it does not pass any dc on the second port and can power up the LNB on the first port I will hook up the SDR and see what I can find. Should be interesting.

You won’t see much with the SDR let alone decode the signal. Since the move to LORA you’re pretty much constrained to the Dreamcatcher with SX1280 chip.

Lyngsat doesn’t list non-DVB signals so it’s natural it’s omitted there.

Having said that, Flysat lists the EU signal on Astra 3B. :wink:

@caveman99 There is one software demodulator for LoRa that may work. This is theoretical, as I have no firsthand experience with it.

@syed i have tried it, and it will somewhat work if you have a strong local signal. Most of the wider spread SDR’s are not tailored to pick signals out from under the noise floor. Don’t even start trying with RTL-SDR :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply and info, the install and dependency requirements look rather involved but I might give it a go.

Filters might help?

No, a Filter can’t filter out noise. The LORA modulation is a very special beast requiring different HF circuits than the usual SDR has. Believe me, i tried for several projects, and it indeed does work on the bench, but not in the wild. There’s a reason there are specialized LORA chipsets out there and then your experience may vary greatly if you have subpar antennas.

I have a lime-sdr packed away as I am not using it at the moment. Because lime is intended to be a MIMO device, does it have the correct HF circuits?