Getting Outernet on my network

I’m trying my best to get my new Outernet on my LAN.

I bought the DIY CHIP version however I also have a Rpi3 -- ready to go.

I can’t seem to get this working without it’s own Outernet WiFi.

If I run the Pi3 Wired it works – but I don’t want to do that if I don’t have to.

Is there a way to configure the Rpi3’s WiFi adapter with my wireless settings – I got to the dashboard , it shows the wired interface greyed out as expected but I don’t see a way to change anything… ?

also if I connect an HDMI monitor & keyboard - I get a login prompt, but can’t get in?

I tried outernet/outernet  without any luck ????

Think it’s in Settings from memory.

It looks like you changed the username/password. It should be the password associated with ‘tomc’.

Look in the Doc’s to get the right USB to Ethernet. I had one and it worked. It works only on DHCP so you with have to look for the IP address to login too. Look into your router or linux uses nmap or angry ip scanner for Windows.

I am still trying to turn off the DHCP.

If you will purchase a TP-Link™ model UE300 (or similar) adapter (USB to Ethernet), login with the admin password, set your Network in the Dreamcatcher to Hotspot, put the UE300 in place of your Edup™ dongle and you can connect directly to your network.

Like this. It just flat works and oddly the TP-Link adapter is cheaper than other no-name adapters at my local Microcenter.

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How i handle that issue is I have the router reserve a ip address based on the edup or the ethernet card mac address then the devices allways ends up with the correct ip address and if I end up moving it to another network or just have to replace the router I don’t have it stuck in a bad state for any devices since dhcp just gives them a ip and then I can reconfigure the device or router to give it the ip again.

Yes I know I can set a up ip in my router. But I still like to do some other config changes.