Getting up and running again

Good day.
Some time ago - before the bandwidth reduction - I had my Dreamcatcher set up and working well. Things got busy, and my Othernet installation sort of fell by the wayside, but now I am interested in getting it back up and running.

My current hardware configuration is a Dreamcatcher 3.05 board, connected to a Maverick LNBf. I understand that the Maverick will probably have problems locking onto the reduced bandwidth signal. I have also acquired a Bullseye LNBf, but have not yet had a chance to swap it for the existing hardware.

I believe that I will probably need to upgrade my version of the Skylark OS, as well.

My question is this:

Given that I will need to upgrade both the LNBf hardware and the Skylark software, would it be a better idea for me to walk through the upgrade process incrementally, or just swap out the LNB with the Bullseye and install Skylark from scratch on a fresh SD card, with the benefit that my LNBf mount is already physically peaked up on the spacecraft?

Thanks for any help or advice that you can provide - I’m looking forward to getting my receiver back in operation.

I suggest you just swap out the LNB, then use the procedure found in the Wiki to adjust the LNB’s frequency. The latest version of Skylark - - Version 5.8 has not changed. Ken

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