Grib Files

I’ve started trying to see if I can get weather in a usable format on the new dream catcher (esp32 based one).

I’ve got one grib file that came down to my dream catcher when I had it up and running regularly in the spring and it appears to contain only temperature and pressure data (or I’m doing something wrong?).

I did get it setup for a little bit (couple hours) this week before I pulled in the rig due to rain… and I got a file that just said something like
[ "-surface-currents-oscar-0.33.json" ]

Are grib files still being sent? is there a place where I can find examples of them?

Hi, all files that are needed for the Weather app as it was avaliable on the older Dreamcatchers with Skylark are still transmitted. With that on Skylark devices the Weather app also still works fine with the broadcasted data.

I had a look on getting the weather app working on the ESP32 boards a few weeks ago, the tbz2 files need to be decmpressed, after that the json files can be used with the weather app known from the skylark version as usual. So far i was not able to find a way to decompress the files on the ESP, also i’m not sure if this even makes sense because of the low performance compared to the older Boards based on ARM/Linux.

Currently the tbz2 files (News, Wikipedia et.) are decompressed on the client, my current idea is to use the client decompression for a weather app in the ESP firmware as well. Either decompressing the current large tbz2 files with multiple json in it, or maybe even better for the low bitrate stream in my DC3.x tests, i will split each json into one tbz file, with that it would be quite simple to add the decompression over the client library.


I think client side is a good choice, for the display, anything that would be browsing a web page now a days is probably going to have more power than an esp32.

After watching and reading through logs and doing a bit of math seems like the grib files are “big” (compared to everything else that gets sent) like it would take 20-30 minutes to download, and the esp32 is rebooting every 60 minutes…

I’ve pulled the code, got it to compile (read me file might need to be updated, says to use IDF 4.4 but then gives commands to download 5.1) need to make sure it works when flashed and then I can start debugging… I see the reboots are intentional due to a memory leak, so finding that might be my first step to getting my weather regularly updated. (Or maybe just better management of when it reboots, well see how smart I’m feeling at the time)