Has AlphaSat stopped sending?

The last data I received from AlphaSat was at 04:44 GMT on the 19th July

Is it just me?

It appears to be just you: http://status.outernet.is/

Same problem on 98W

Still receiving files, but they are duplicates from 7/18/2017

I have lock OK , but no new data is arriving …

At least you got one more article that me… I have "erectile dysfunction at the top of my "what’s new :slight_smile:

Here’s mine

I’m still receiving data but my “What’s new” has stopped displaying anything since the morning of July 19.

UPDATE: I just ssh’d into my Dreamcatcher and it looks my files match @neil.

yes mine is still receiving data , but the SAME data over & over

This happened before once too …
You have a problem at the carousel :slight_smile:

So it ain’t just me Syed :slight_smile:

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Perhaps Outernet needs to pop a pill to resolve this dysfunction.

HAHAHAHA!!! I know where they can get them on-line :slight_smile: :smile:

on 98W

carousel file sync problem.

You should be seeing new files coming down now. Please confirm?




no Thank You

hi Abhishek
that pulled out the plug and a heap of stuff came down over night!!
Thanks heaps!

(get it? – plug in the sync!! )