Hello from a Newbie

Hi. I’ve just joined. I’m looking forwards to finding out more, especially with respect to providing education content for very underserved areas.

Happy to have you here. Providing educational content to areas without connectivity was the primary reason that Othernet was started. The issue with solving this problem is that it doesn’t have a solid business case.

I have generally found content to not be a limiter, as school systems/ministries of education already have their own digital curricula in need of distribution. Budget for a higher speed download channel (50 kbps+) isn’t easy to find. And there is always the difficulty in getting radios into students’ homes; who is paying for that (even if it’s a $30 device)?

I think these two points can be easily addressed, but it does take a large organization to provide the required funding.

I have made a public mapping project with about 150,000 schools so far in Sub Saharan Africa.


Of these we have connected about 4000 to high speed broadband using a combination of Fibre, wireless terrestrial and 2 way VSAT. Some private schools but the bulk of this 4000 is large government funded projects mostly in SA and Kenya.

There is a clear business case with the low cost receivers you have with Othernet.

Then we should definitely be talking!

I am a professor and director of a Technical and Higher Education Institution in Guinea Bissau. We have a Risc ARM Architecture computer called Strawberry Pi made in China. We are interested in equipping Public and Private Schools Laboratories with our computer.
[email protected]

We have low cost Risc ARM Architecture Computers called Strawberry Pi. We are interested in creating Laboratories with our Compactor so that people can access our Course Platform.

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"The Amílcar Cabral University, the only public university in Guinea-Bissau, one of the world’s poorest and politically fragile countries, is looking to expand its educational services and attract more funds, trying to overturn past student dissatisfaction with its work.

After nine years leaning on a public-private partnership with the Lisbon, Portugal-based Lusófona University, the UAC (Portuguese acronym for Universidade Amílcar Cabral) partnership ended in 2013 after the government jeopardised the agreement. The UAC then operated at a low level for five years, seriously restarting operations in 2018 as a stand-alone body.
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“A new rector, Timóteo Saba M’bunde, was appointed in September 2020 by a new government that was confirmed in office in July after contested elections in 2019”