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دوستان مشکلات خودشون را در این فوروم مطرح نمایند.
سرویس هاتبرد فعلا وصل میباشد
کیفیت سرویس زیر 80 تا 90 کیلوبیت بر ثانیه میباشد.
این سیستم هم با سرویس های اینترنت ترک ست قابل مقایسه نیست فعلا البته
موفق باششید

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Friends raised their own problems in this forum.
Hotbird service is currently connected
Quality of service is 80 to 90 kbps.
This system is not comparable with Internet service leave now, of course,
Successful Bashshyd


خدمات باند Ku شده است [خاموش] شما می توانید برخی L خرید بیت باند.

The Ku band service has been turned off You could buy some L band bits.

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salam ayoub khan_agha soratesh to iran chetore?
aya 2 trafe hast? ya mesle tosheh ya offline ghadime?

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what? please write in english so we can help you. Thanks!


Salam - vase man ye chand vaghty dc shod dobare rah oftad
yek systeme kheili jalebi darand na toshe bishtar pardazeshe tasvirie va 2marhaleiist - inja yek mafhome offline va enteghale data va pardazesh va entekhabe karbar ra baham mix karde va be karbaran ghodrate peymayesh midan
vali model karkard mesle hamon offline ghadimiast

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آیا می توانم در اسکریپت فارسی بنویسید؟ گوگل ترجمه آن را بهتر می کند

Could you write in the Farsi script? Google Translate handles it better


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ayoub jan man motevaje nashodam yani nemishe site baz kard?ya masaln youtube ya faceBuk ya chizaey az in ghabil?

dakol bayad chetore rahesh andakht?merci

my english is sp poor ,excuseme

how can i config and run this service form IRAN?

You cannot use Outernet in IRAN over Hotbird. There is no service on that satellite.

The “News” you got over theref rom FCNN and so on is old information.Outernet will swtich back from L-Band to Ku Band tho.

See here:

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Hi Seed Karim

what i need any device to use outernet service from iran?

outernet is offilne internet?
send and receive data?

You can only receive Files with Outernet. It’s like TV but with Files :slight_smile:
You can get a lot of information like Wikipedia, Audio, Images ,News, Weather Information and so on.

regards from Germany,

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so good

youtube videos can be receive?


But very important to note: you get ONLY the information that Outernet decide to send. Like a TV program.
There is NO way to send data and NO way to request data that you want to receive.

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salam ,inja cheghadr hasas hasan eng neveshte beshe,
chize khasi nadare image ra download konid rpi ra bahash boot konid man hdstar daram be rpi vasl kardam
baad ham ro freq haii ke available bashe signal bede service faal mishe
manual kheili khobi gozashtand
moror internet soraatesh felan ke kheili kame
albate noe dish man shayad kochik hast va motor injoorie

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theoretically yes, but it would take quite long to load even a 240p video. And you would only be able to see the video that outernet decided to sent like a TV.

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are engar hokomat nezami hast inja ham!
pas download nemishe kard?ya only ,mohtavaey khodesho mishe ?
ye chizi mese toshe mishe?ya moror dare?
akhe aslan hich videoey nist az karkardan

what is speed in outernet service?
how can i found outernet store to sending?

There is no “speed” figure. It is NOT like the Internet. It’s like TV and you will get 30kbps 24/7 what results in 13.5MB per hour or around 300MB per day of data.

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