***Help Wanted (Bounty)*** Skylark UI: Fix Small Screen Bug

If you are using Skylark, you’ve probably noticed that it’s broken on screens smaller than 5-inches, especially Safari. Any front end developers that would be interested in a short project? Feel free to PM me if you are interested.

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May i help you?

Yes, of course. I’m guessing that you have Skylark running already?

Can you suggest what is a fair bounty to fix the problem?

@syed @Abhishek where’s the latest code for Skylark? I mentioned your bounty to the OS.JS people as they may be well placed to do the work. But I couldn’t spot any code beyond 29th October? https://github.com/Outernet-Project/RxOS-UI2

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Develop and Release 1.2 are both very active:


By broken do you mean the scaling issues?

Version 1.2 is Running

On mobile Safari, Skylark is completely unresponsive. It is just a frozen screen.

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Same on Chrome/Android.

Well I can say that on my 4.7 inch lumia 735 using edge skylark runs almost perfect. the time gets cut off when there is an app open in portrait, and the top of the menu in the weather app gets cut off. All that is fixed by using full screen mode. Hopefully whoever takes on this job finds this helpful.

That is really helpful! I’m currently looking into scaling issues for OS.js (Skylark). The more information I gather about devices the better :slight_smile:

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