High Stability LNB with TCXO for QO-100

Hello and quick question about the following. Can this be used and is it recommended???

High Stability LNB with TCXO for QO-100/Es’hail 2 and DTH/FTA 10489 - 12750 MHz

US $23.00




Jup it is perfect for QO100 i’m using one here in germany :slight_smile:
The Drift is very very low, like another world in comparision to a Optium LNB or something else.

Just add a RTLSDR to it as well as a LNB Power Injector and you are good to go :slight_smile:

73 Manuel DO5TY

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Same here ,in Rome italy, with the G0MRF downconverter and a 2 mt rx. Can receive with no drift like any other sideband qso.

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Thirded. I also use pne for QO-100. Takes about 20mins to properly stabilise but then rvery stable with little drift. Not used for digimodes but think it should be good based on its stability on SSB.

For the price you can’t go wrong.